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Launch of the competition, April 2017

IFLA Europe proudly announces the launch of its Young Professionals Competition on the theme
„ (Un)limited landscapes. no fence, no offence. The competition is open to entries from 26th April. The deadline for submitting contributions is 31th of July 2017.
The winner of each category will be invited to our General Assembly in 2018 in London !
The results will be announced in October 2017.



The enties will be in the following categories for Young Professionals (i,e those who are graduated but also students of post graduate diploma or masters programmes as per above i.e a student/alumnus of a landscape architecture course or a practitioner in the field of landscape architecture.)

A Conceptual projects/Ideas

B Realized projects

IFLA EU Youth competition is now a yearly event, please click here to know more about the previous edition in 2013 and 2015 (and note it was biennial up to 2015).

Dates and deadlines

The competition is open to entries from 26th April 2017. The deadline for submitting contributions is 31th July 2017 12 pm. The results will be announced in October 2017.

26th of April: launch of the competition
Deadline for FAQ: 31th of Mai
Answers to FAQ: 15th of June
31th of July: deadline
31th of August : deadline for the People’s Choice Awards (vote on facebook)
October: announcement of the winners

Each candidate (or group of persons) has to fulfill the following IFLA-EU-Youth-competition-application-form and only send it to the following mail adresse :
Please fill it on a digital way in order for us to avoid any mistake regarding your contact information.


Prizes will be awarded to entries in each of the three categories. One “page” will be also selected for the “Grand Prix” award. The People’s Choice Award will be determined via voting on the IFLA EU Facebook fansite (regardless of category – a “page” with most “likes” at 12 midnight CET 31.08.2017). The entries will be posted after the end of the competition in order to give the same time for the public to judge.

Grand Prix (for one of the 2 category winners): the winning competition entry will be featured on the cover of a bespoke publication prepared for the competition. The publication will also include a separate section dedicated to the winning project and the winner.

Winner of each category: travel and accommodation to IFLA EUROPE’s General Assembly Event in Istanbul. For all the winners of 2 categories the costs of registration fee, flights (from Europe) and hotel expenses (one night) will be covered (one person will be covered for each winner individual or group).

People’s Choice Award: A separate section in the post-competition publication will be dedicated to the ‘People’s Choice Award’ winning project.

All works receiving awards will get significant publicity and European visibility though IFLA Europe related media.

More details:

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