Major new landscape and infrastructure study at Birmingham City University

Birmingham City University is launching a major new study looking at an integrated and cohesive approach to landscape and infrastructure. They are looking for a Research Fellow to contribute to the study: Focusing on the problems of long term social, economic and environmental costs/damage that have sometimes resulted from traditional development practices, this research aims to place quality of life and sustainability-oriented transformation of the region at the top of the political agenda.

The Research Fellow role:
The successful candidate will assist project development and operations in multiple ways, by:

(a)  investigating the materiality of the region (including water, soil, air, biodiversity, health, mobility, identity and culture);
(b)  analysing and illustrating strategic regional interventions via exploration of the digital/analogue interface;
(c)  building an expert knowledge base for our creative and innovative landscape design and research impact activities;
(d)  developing supportive constituency among a range of stakeholders;
(e)  co-ordinating and focusing the work of the CATiD team on projects related to landscape and infrastructure;
(f)   curating seminars and an international conference (as part of a range of dissemination activities);
(g)  contributing to development of an edited book; and,
(h)  co-authoring papers for peer review.

She or he will also assist in developing applications for externally funded research projects, help the team to attract and supervise high calibre doctoral students and prepare and deliver specialist lectures.

For more information about the role and the project please contact Prof Kathryn

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