Consultant – Head Grower of Greenhouse

Consultant – Head Grower of Greenhouse

Are you an experienced Head Grower of a 15+ acre greenhouse producing tomatoes and/or peppers? The team at Motorleaf has an exciting opportunity for you to share your expertise and help strengthen the greenhouse farming industry.

Motorleaf is an agriculture technology company expanding its line of technology services for large-scale greenhouses; the company seeks industry experts to help guide development of the company’s software and artificial intelligence tools made for greenhouse producers of vegetables.

Starting immediately, the consultant position requires a few hours of work with flexible hours over the course of a month or two, depending on your level of expertise. You will collaborate with the CEO, Head of Product Development, Sales and Marketing teams at Motorleaf.

Tasks required

  • Complete telephone and/or video conference meetings with members of Motorleaf, where we ask you specific questions about greenhouse production of vegetables (including daily operations), your daily workflow as a Head Grower, and common tasks completed by colleagues such as Pickers and Assistant Growers.
  • Through email correspondence, provide basic written explanations to questions about greenhouse production and daily tasks in the greenhouse.
  • Using a smart phone or basic digital camera, submit the occasional photo or video of a workspace or task conducted in your greenhouse.
  • Test and provide feedback concerning software tools built for greenhouse professionals (no worries: you require no knowledge or experience with software or technology development).
  • Sign a mutual non-disclosure agreement (NDA) in order to protect confidential information shared between you and Motorleaf.

Required expertise

  • 2+ years working as a Head Grower in a large-scale greenhouse (>15 acres) that produces tomatoes or peppers.
  • Knowledge of managing tomato and/or pepper cultivation over the entire course of a planting season, including harvesting and packing.
  • Knowledge of, or expert understanding of:
  1. Monitoring crop disease
  2. Supplemental lighting and climate control systems
  3. Recording greenhouse operations and outcomes using common tools like Microsoft Excel spreadsheets.

Motorleaf will negotiate compensation based on your experience, diversity of skills and availability.

Do you think you can make a valuable contribution to this project? Please send your resume or link to your complete LinkedIn profile to We’ll get back to you within days.


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