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60,000 a year, Permanent, Full time. 40-55 hrs per week. Starting as soon as possible. On call and early morning hours Employer does not cover relocation costs.

Languages: English and Spanish

Education: Degree or relevant experience

Looking for experienced rose grower, person must be able to supervise 16-20 people, able to work well under pressure, in hot physically demanding work environment. The right candidate will have high attention to detail, with good oral communication and will be a great team player. They will be organized and have knowledge of mixing fertilizer, greenhouse maintenance and cleaning, and some mechanical repair experience. Knowledge of rose growing and crop maintenance is a must. Candidate must also be able to establish work schedules, identify and control weed, insect and disease issues. Hire, train and supervise staff in planting, feeding, spraying, maintenance and harvest techniques. Organize and direct greenhouse and nursery operations.

To apply: employment.eurosa@gmail.com

forrás: https://www.hortidaily.com/vacancy/9353/rose-grower/ (2019.10.29.)


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