Sustainability coordinator

Key Responsibilities:

The Sustainability Coordinator works collaboratively with Commercial Local Sourcing Teams , EA Sustainability Execution Management, local logistic execution, plant ecological engineers  to develop, coordinate, and promote effective sustainability initiatives and programs.  Responsibilities include educating the Trading and Commercial  community about sustainability, process improvement  and coordinating local origination  activities related to sustainability, new trade flow development and GHG enhancement performing research about sustainability and sustainable sourcing reporting.

  • Maintain certifications and ensure successful audits performance related to sustainability schemes and local regulations ( ISCC EU , ISCC PLUS , National schemes)
  • Works with all aspects of Regional Commercial Teams , plant managers , logistic execution to promote an understanding and awareness of sustainability sourcing by coordinating  training and presentations promoting GHG actual values  calculation , alternative transportation, etc. 
  • Serves a liaison between Regional Commercial and EA Sustainability Execution Management to assure communication and resource coordination for sustainability programs and projects.
  • Coordinates and compiles Regional data for sustainable products sourcing and self-assessment program
  • Coordinate and perform GHG Emissions Calculations , Volume Reporting , ensure Sustainability Delivery Notes timely  Issuance , Traceability Tracking , issuance of Credits Positions.
  • Works with the EA Sustainability Execution Manager focused on sustainability by facilitating and coordinating sustainability initiatives .
  • Identify and implement technology to reduce manual work, automate processes and provide workflow visibility.
  • This position is also liaison with  QFS Teams for  Feed/Food Safety VC  Supply Chains, supporting monitoring programs and regulatory schemes for GMO, Pesticides and other EU regulatory programs.


  • University or College degree
  • Technical expertise with agri-commodity sustainability programs (e.g. ISCC , 2BSvs etc), regional regulations and Food/Feed Safety Schemes (GMP+, GTP, QS, etc..)
  • Fluent English knowledge
  • Experience and desire to work across multiple cultures and cross-functional business environments.
  • Excellent communication and analytical skills.

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